Lab Alums

graduate students
Robyn Howard-Barfield (1999-2004), now Group Leader at Catalent Pharma
Craig Stone (2003-2008), now Principal Medical writer at Medtronic
Kelly Howell (2004-2010), now Associate Director at SMA Foundation
Vincent Mancuso (2006-2011), now Coordinator of the English Learning Center, Catholic Charities, Camden NJ
Ishmail Abdus-Saboor (2007-2012), now Asst Professor at UPenn Biology Dept. Jennifer Cohen (2015-2020), now postdoctoral fellow at Harvard

postdoctoral fellows
Ranjana Kishore (1998-2002), now Scientific Curator at Wormbase, Caltech
Gautam Kao (1999-2003), now Researcher at Gothenburg U. (Sweden)
Kyunghee Koh (2001-2003), now faculty at Jefferson U.
Chris Rocheleau (2000-2005), now faculty at McGill U.
David Raizen (2001-2007), now faculty at UPenn
Olena Vatamaniuk (2004-2005), now faculty at Cornell U.
Jean Parry (2010-2014), now faculty at Georgian U.
Pu (Emily) Pu (2012-2017), now Group Leader at Innovent Biologics (China)
Fabien Soulavie (2013-2018), now Researcher at IBDM, Marseille (France)

technical staff

Nathaniel Dudley: PhD, UNC
David Garbe: PhD, UPenn; now Director of Outreach and Education at PA Society for Biomedical Research
Laura Sherritt Girard: biotech industry
Jeff Doto: MCIT, UPenn
Yelena Bernstein: PharmD, Temple U.
Priti Batta: MD, Albert Einstein
Kelly Kraus: VMD, UPenn
Anne-Marie McKnight: MPH/PhD, Johns Hopkins; now faculty at UPenn
Kevin Cullison: MD, St Louis U.; now Clinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine, U. Pittsburgh
Ariel Junio: biotech industry
Kate Palozola: PhD, UPenn; now a postdoctoral fellow
Brian Gantick: web design
Hasreet Gill: in PhD program, Harvard

Rachel Forman-Rubinsky: in PhD program, U. Pittsburgh

Jennifer Cohen: PhD, UPenn; now postdoctoral fellow at Harvard

Alexandra Belfi: now MD student, Vanderbilt U.

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